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FOX Business
Feb 3, 2013 1:30am EST
. the unions didn't read the bill. every time obama comes -- president obama comes out with something, they just back it no matter what, and all of a sudden they have an oops moment 'cause they realized oh, my costs go up, so please help me. i think the bottom line, they'll end up with some sort of exemption, some sort of subsidy and guess what? it will be on our backs as usual. >> i know, but it's kind of interesting, dagen, maybe expecting quid pro quo didn't happen. >> to gary's point, if they get these subsidies on top of -- these members already having health insurance, that just opens the door for handouts to anybody. will ultimately drive up the cost of this health care law even more. listen, this law was about expanding health insurance to people who didn't have it. well, union members, you have it. your costs go up. suck it up. that's the way it goes [ laughter ] >> you like that one, huh? >> charlie, they've got -- to dagen's point, they qualify for breaks -- >> it's kind of absurdity of the health care law in the first place that there is all these sort of outs, you can get
FOX Business
Feb 24, 2013 1:30am EST
to be paying for it. turns out it's another obama transfer o wealth for hard working people to middle income and lower income people and that's all right with me, that's the way that life is supposed to work. let's not kid ourselves, that obama has a miraculous way of bending the health care curve. that's just nonsense. >> adam, then, do you feel guilty? >> every day, neil, not because of this. (laughter) >> that's good, that's good. >> i enjoyed the cool brands that we had an opportunity to show at the beginning of the segment. and what we didn't talk about is that this affects about 3% of universal orlando's 17,000 employees that they-- the other 97% they're continuing to cover. at the end of the day-- and ben is right. you should take advantage of a subsidy when you can. at the end of the day, we'll cover tens of millions of more americans than were being covered before and i suspect-- >> but we're not at that point. >> we're not at that point and those who have their coverage, including, i suspect, those full-time workers at universal studios who will continue having that coverage, they
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)